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I started out fishing and hunting in New Jersey on the Delaware Bay. Growing up in a tiny fishing community will do that. My brother and I would fish with my grandfather and father every chance we got. The ‘bay’ had a wonderful ecosystem of blue claw crabs, oysters, mussels, fish, ducks and geese. At low tide as a little kid exploring the flats puddles was a new and exciting adventure with every rise and fall of the tide. 
My father and grandfather always had a boat. The boats were a part of life. Fishing at a young age for weakfish and flounder on the bay were what we did. Before I could hold a pole I could catch the bait out of the minnow bucket. I was on a boat since before I could remember. We still fish those same waters, now Striped Bass and the occasional Flounder are the fish of choice.  Hunting started at 12, we got our license and we were off. I started with an Ithaca model 37. It was a great little gun that kicked like a mule. It shot straight and had a bottom ejection port. Being a lefty that was a bonus. My dad took us out a lot that year, he taught us the finer points of walking through briars and sitting in cold and wet and snowy deer stands for hours. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Not soon after my
cousin and I would take our duck boat, load it with decoys, guns and lunch and wheel it on a dolly down to the river and paddle across to a refinery that had a point, a cove and a patch of woods, we would duck hunt until 9 or so then rabbit/squirrel hunt till 3 then resume duck hunting till dark. Soon we were driving and I was hunting anywhere I could find a patch of woods. Today I continue to hunt deer with my dad, brother, and nephews.
In 1999 my father started going to Florida. At the time we would trail the boat down, he would stay a few months and then trail the boat back. I remember the first time out, looking at the crystal clear turquoise water. I was hooked and hadn’t even caught a fish yet. Since then we have been fishing down there in all the seasons and for all types of fish. He has a new boat now and it stays in Florida full-time, so those drives are done. But he will come up from time to time and do some fishing in New Jersey. We fish inshore, offshore, reef and wreck. We also dive and do some
spearfishing. My favorite season in Florida is early summer, not crowded and fishing is great! We still fish out of Big Pine and I learn something every day out with him.  Currently I hold a 100 GT ticket and I work part-time on the Delaware River running a ferry and I run charters out of the Delaware Bay and Big Pine Key when I can squeeze it in.  Most of all I wouldn’t know how to have fun outdoors with out my dad teaching me, so I hope you all enjoy this site and enjoy your time outdoors with who ever taught you!

Thanks Dad!
Catch em Up!

I have had a love of the outdoors since my childhood growing up in southern California. My family had a boat docked in the Oceanside Harbor and we would spend weekends fishing offshore for a variety of fish. I eventually moved to New Jersey where I continued fishing the Jersey Shore.  I spend every free minute floating the back bays for flounder. Aside from salt-water fishing I enjoy regular trips for smallmouth bass on  the Shenandoah River in Virginia. I have fished all over the country both fresh and salt-water. I am passing on the legacy of fishing and enjoying
the outdoors to my children. My children love to get out on the water and catch flounder and crabs all summer.

Recently retired from a 25-year career in law enforcement. Started my second career as a licensed Captain. I have spent last two summers operating a commercial ferry that runs between Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. In the winter months I run down to Florida Keys where I have worked on lobster boats and run fishing charters. Have been fishing and hunting since I was a young boy. Have fished all over the country including the Great Lakes and both coasts of Florida. Looking forward to spending my second career on the water.